The school infrastructure is well equipped with spacious and well-furnished Subject as well as Computer Laboratories.

Both, the Junior and the Senior, Laboratories for Information Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Languages cater to the different needs and questions of the students, where they do not simply replicate textbook procedures but derive and evaluate their own experiments.

Music, Dance and Drama Rooms
Aesthetically designed Music, Dance and Drama rooms, weave spirituality and freedom of expression seamlessly into the curriculum.

The school encourages various forms of music – vocal and instrumental. Dedicated music teachers cultivate interest in children with a flair for music and hone their talents and skills. Enthusiastic students have been encouraged to form a school band, representing Anand Niketan Satellite at various inter school competitions. Music is a part of our daily existence – this is reflected through the Kitchen Band – children using various utensils to create melodious notes and music.

Dance is understood to stimulate skills that synthesize and communicate the results of one’s thinking in the visual form. The school encourages children to actively participate in various events which encompasses dance in myriad forms. Students actively engage themselves in learning various forms of contemporary and modern dance forms helping them to express themselves mentally, physically and emotionally.

Dramatic exploration provides students with an outlet for emotions, thoughts and dreams. A moment, to become another, explore and experiment. In today’s ever increasing information centered world, Drama, like no other art form, helps students communicate with and understand new worlds. The school hosts not only annual events wherein students are encouraged to come up with different themes, adaptations and original, cultivating their thoughts and channelizing their ideas into works of artistic expression