The school library is an important part of the school community and reflects the high value placed on education and learning. The library offers a range of books, CDs, periodicals and newspapers with an atmosphere conducive for the students to explore the ocean of knowledge.

Books are avenues that encourage creativity and sharpen our intellect, motivating learners to work hard towards their dreams.

The school has an extremely well equipped library (Grade V to XII) and a colourful Browsing Room (Grade I to IV) for the young enthusiastic learners, introducing them to the magical world of pictures and words, thus emphasizing the importance of reading books for their holistic growth.

The child friendly browsing room boasts of an inviting reading ambience, a welcoming place crafted with bright designs and quotes, an array of books to visually entice and encourage reading, bean bags and mattresses providing a comfortable low seating for the primary school children, creating an aesthetically and developmentally appropriate place for storytelling and reading.

The high school library is bountiful with its collection of varied texts and genres of literature with equal emphasis on providing students with an inexhaustible resource of books and reading material in regard to the curriculum.

The library has varied sections where books are catalogued as per genres of reading.