img_20160928_140406  The school owns a fleet of buses that provide transportation to students from various areas of the city to the school. The buses maintain high safety standards and each bus is provided with a person other than the driver to monitor the door and children safety during travel and at pick and drop off points.

Students can avail the school transport subject to the availability of seats. The school buses have fixed routes and the parents are required to consult the school transport-in-charge for necessary details.

Rules for students availing bus facility:
• All students using the school transport are expected to be on the same side of the road at the bus stop at least five to seven minutes before the arrival of the bus.
• The buses will not wait for late comers.
• All students must occupy their seats immediately after boarding the bus.
• No diversions / extensions will be entertained on existing routes.
• Students will be held responsible for any damage to the buses caused by negligence or vandalism. Students will be fined for any damage to the bus.
• No student will be allowed to travel standing on the foot board.
• In case of a change in address or phone number the school office along with the transport-in-charge should be informed a month in advance.
• In case of a change in the bus stop or bus route an application should be submitted on the application form available in the administrative office. It should be duly filled, completed and submitted in the office.
• Strict discipline should be maintained in the buses, failing which transport facility will be terminated.
• It is the responsibility of the parents to pick up their ward from the allotted bus stop, failing which the child will be brought back to school.
• Parents are required to note that all vans are operated by private agencies. The school will not be responsible for any issues pertaining to van service.